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Residential Concrete

Adding beauty and value to your home

Our Kansas City concrete finishers/installers take great care to make sure that your "front door guests" give you a compliment on your impressive home improvement. As concrete contractors, we take the time to discuss with you your plans on layout/design, materials such as the type of stone, stamps or color to be used with the concrete and possible solutions for any problematic areas.

All preparations whether it is installing the form boards, designing stepping stones or laying gravel for a good foundation under the concrete are completed and inspected with you before the concrete truck arrives. As contractors, we know the importance of getting the 'prep' work done right the first time before the concrete is poured because there is no second chance. The installation process of a concrete stamped pattern walkway will have a flawless finish. This careful preparation directly contributes to a long trouble-free concrete life.

For existing homes, concrete adds beauty, functionality, and value to your home. Whether it’s patios, basements or complete additions, Brigh has the capabilities to take on the whole project including working with architects to get the right design to excavation to finishing.

Commercial Concrete

We are ready to accommodate your property enhancement needs

We specialize in challenging projects involving large scale concrete foundations, flatwork, and site concrete, and we have invested in the technology and expertise to ensure that the highest quality work is provided for your project.

Commercial concrete, concrete contractors, concrete serviceVisit our Projects Gallery for a look at the many commercial concrete projects we have completed throughout the Kansas City region, including: Apartment buildings, Bridge decks, Churches, Commercial buildings, Data centers, Fast food restaurants, Flex spaces, Hotels and medical facilities, Industrial machinery foundations, Nursing homes, Resorts, Restaurants, Retail, Schools & universities, Senior living facilities, Shopping centers, Strip malls, Office buildings, Warehouses and More.

Decorative Concrete

Bring Your Ideas To Life!

Our decorative concrete in Kansas City is perfect for customers who want more then just plain concrete. With stamped concrete, there are countless patterns and colors to choose from, giving you design flexibility that is unmatched by any other product. Your concrete will then be protected by a sealer that will make it oil, rust, mold, and mildew resistant.

Scrub, Spray, Seal

Restore the beauty

Whether working with an existing slab or a fresh decorative patio, you want to make sure that your concrete surface is going to last and provide the maximum durability, function and aesthetic appeal possible. Concrete is already one of the most durable building materials available, but you won’t get the most out of your investment without proper protecting and maintenance.

SCRUB: We use a biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning agent called Orange Peel to remove previously existing concrete sealants so we can get down to bare concrete and begin cleansing the surface. Orange peel will not harm your landscape or your pets!

SPRAY: After using Orange Peel, we use a pressure washer with a maximum 4000 PSI to wash away dirt, oil, grime, algae, organic stains, and corrosives. This will prevent any further damage caused by ice melt and fertilizer and brighten the look of the surface.

SEAL: When we are finished washing and the surface is dry, we use a product made right here in Kansas City, Mo called Cureshield by SpecChem LLC. Cureshield penetrates surface pores to form a hydrophobic gel which reduces the penetration of water, salts, and de-icing chemicals.

Missouri’s freeze-thaw cycle can potentially cause water damage issues, called spalling. Spalling occurs when freezing temperatures cause the water in the capillaries to expand creating pressure. Over time, the expansive pressure of the freezing and thawing cycle can break away the top surface of the concrete, leaving pit marks and exposed aggregate. De-icing agents only worsen the problem, breaking the concrete surface down more rapidly and allowing water to migrate through the concrete creating more spalling. Chlorides in the de-icing agents are the leading cause of concrete damage. Not only do they cause surface damage but, they also penetrate deep into the concrete, reaching the steel reinforcement and causing reinforcement corrosion and even more spalling.